Yuh Horng Hygiene Furniture brings you a top living quality that no other can

From designed-in and made-in Taiwan to worldwide marketing

First established under the name of Ya Song Shi Co., Ltd. in 1993, Yuh Horng is now concentrated solely on the manufacturing and development of bathroom bowl, surface bowl, kitchen sink, washing tank, bathroom drain duct, and other accessories, from the earliest FRP, artificial acrylic to the current 100% MMA acrylic solid sink and bowl (a world class material). Our 16 years long expertise and experience are the driving force that propels us to worldwide marketing.

Quality priority, safe first

Good quality always centers on the core value of human-oriented safety. Yuh Horng builds its brand philosophy upon a long-lasting belief of elevating consumer’s living quality. Such belief has been incorporated as part of our business management.
From within, we are gathering an internal consensus by making every employee realize company mission. On the outside, we are building company image of quality brand, seeking partners with the same goal to lead the global trend.

Cutting-edge technology, connecting in line with the world

For any brand to walk onto the world stage, it takes refined technique, innovative materials, and production quality to excel itself from competitors. It is the 100% MMA (methyl methacrylate) acrylic solid, the brainchild of long years of devotion to R&D that had made Yuh Horng stand out from the field.
The strength of Yuh Horng’s competitiveness is based on its R&D of production equipment, repeated trials and improvement of ingredient composition, and long-term persistence in manufacturing quality products.



U-HOME,Our core value, makes a fine kitchen and bathroom sinks for the people, and satisfies your demands in order to raise your quality of life.


This stamp is used exclusive for our special materials, an artificial stone solid sink made of 100% acrylic, that means "innovative materials, the best quality in the world".


Solid durability certified by ANSI 100%MMA-Solid and genuine material from top down and inside out Non-yellowing test : The acrylic resin has superior weather resistance, with no concerns of yellowing problem. Non-combustibility test: No spontaneous combustion occurs ± 1 minute upon ignition of flamethrower.
Any stain left by lighted cigarette can be easily cleaned off with a household scouring pad. Thermal shock endurance test: Passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.6 test.
Chemicals resistance (acid or alkali) test: Passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.5 test.
Scratch resistance test: U-HOME acrylic solid sink and bowl are made of homogenous materials, and have passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.3 test. Any scratch on the surface can be easily smoothed out by a 400-600 waterproof sand paper.